Consumers, AuthenticateMe™ before your next purchase

AuthenticateMe™ empowers consumers to verify the authenticity of trademarks and registered brand names at participating retailers before they buy. Lessen your chances of buying counterfeit, buy at an AuthenticateMe™ licensed retailers.

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AuthenticateMe™Consumers, Validate your Retailer

AuthenticateMe™, through the use of proprietary systems will authenticate that you are purchasing from a validated retailer when you scan the product UPC or QR Code. Fight back and don’t fall victim to unauthorized retailers or resellers who may be selling counterfeit goods.

AuthenticateMe™Corroborate the Information

AuthenticateMe™ will use your current location for the product you scanned and verify that you are buying from an authorized retailer or reseller. It can also direct you to a nearby authorized retailer or reseller. Avoid buying counterfeit goods which could endanger you or your family. Scan with AuthenticateMe™ to confirm that you are purchasing an authentic product that is fully covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Reasons to Affiliate your Brand

Benefits to joining AuthenticateMe™

  • Increase your Profit

    AuthenticateMe™ empowers consumers to protect the security of your supply chain. Don’t stand by and allow the Illicit and Criminal Networks to reap the profits, while jeopardizing the integrity of your brand name.

  • Analytics

    AuthenticateMe™ can give you a closer insight of your customers’ interests in regional markets and increase the potential of your retailers and resellers.

  • Generate Confidence

    AuthenticateMe™ provides means to empower the consumers whose interest is not to buy the cheapest, but instead buy authentic.

  • Promote your Market Emphasis

    AuthenticateMe™ will help you promote your market interests, such as the Made in America movement, high end consignment markets, cruelty free brands, Vegan products, etc.

  • Do your Part

    Counterfeiting impacts commerce while destroying jobs and producing a negative public opinion that harms the manufacturers and IPR owners of copyrights and trademarks. AuthenticateMe™ will give you the tool to protect the integrity of your brand while driving the illegitimate retailers out of the legitimate market.

  • Supply Chain Verification

    AuthenticateMe™ could minimize risks to the unsuspecting copyright and trademark owners that their manufacturers, suppliers or distributors employ illegal practices by supplementing their supply chain with counterfeit or gray market merchandise.

  • Easy to Integrate

    AuthenticateMe™ can work with existing bar codes, QR codes, and RFID, etc., and provides an easy to use back office and RESTful API.

The Team

People behind AuthenticateMe™